Welcome to the
Mafia Verse

Join MafiaVerse and dip into the criminal world of possibilities where everyone can become a Don. Your main role in the first chapter of the game will be to manage a mafia family and gather MOB — main token that is used for all actions in MafiaVerse.

What do you need to start?

To start a game you need only two things — GANGSTER and INVITATION LETTER from Don, both of which will be totally free at the promo period of the game, you just need a right time and a little savvy to get them.

Holders of these nfts will get a whitelist to a gangster free drop and later can blend it into the Don’s letter, so if you collect all 3 — you are good to start! Details will be revealed after all three stickers free drop and whitelisting collection on AtomicHub.

MafiaVerse whitelist

This badge will give you the access to the first wave of main sale and also premium pack access available only for badge holders. After game release this nft also will provide you with special perks. More info will be revealed later this year.

max supply


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